Nish Kumar Your Power, Your Control

Nish Kumar records his new show 'Your Power, Your Control'.

It has been a period of upheaval and uncertainty with COVID and the political situation.
You will be amazed by my capacity to somehow take all these things personally.

Comedian Nish Kumar was booed off stage after making Brexit jokes at a charity event on Monday night. Kumar, who hosts the BBC's Mash Report, was performing at the Lord's Taverners annual charity cricket lunch.” BBC News Report - 3rd December 2019

  • Nish Kumar on Live at the Apollo
  • Nish Kumar on Live at the Apollo
  • Kumar is the smartest, and often the silliest, political comic we've got: Acute, furious and often the ridiculous fall guy of his own jokes.

    The Guardian
  • One of the best young comedians we have.

    The Times