Mae Martin Sap

The multi award-winning stand-up, actor and writer Mae Martin presents their acclaimed stand-up hour.

Mae is the co-writer, creator and star of Feel Good (Netflix) and star of their own Netflix stand-up special (Mae Martin: Dope).

In their latest stand-up show, Mae looks at the uphill battle of trying to do the right thing in a world that sometimes seems to have lost its moral compass. With their characteristically manic self-reflection, they bounce between vice and virtue, optimism and pessimism, the urge to be our best selves versus the urge to gleefully give in to our more base instincts. But it's not all big questions - there's also a lot about sloths, moose, hot dogs, love, and tree sap.

Mae is also a multi award winning stand-up, who has released two radio series for the BBC, and wrote the acclaimed book Can Everyone Please Calm Down? A Guide to 21st Century Sexuality.

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  • Hopeful and joyous...effortlessly amusing.

    ★★★★ Times
  • Fast becoming the finest comedian of their generation.

    ★★★★★ Metro